Premium Wedding favours

Eggshells signify the start or the birth of a new life. What a better way than to celebrate the start of a new chapter in your lives with these beautiful and rare eggshell sculptures. 

Exquisite conversation starters, these delicately carved sculptures make for very beautiful and indulgent wedding favours for your special guests, leaving them awestruck.

You can request the eggshells in the theme of your wedding and personalise these sculptures to your taste, include elements of your special day, colour schemes, patterns, and embellishments that speak to you and mean something to you. 

Bespoke Sculptures

These are fully bespoke sculptures which means that you can have a pattern of your choice (from gorgeous florals and leaves to elements from your family home or your wedding day. Perhaps you would like to incorporate a special gift from a loved one on each eggshell). You could also choose a few colours that compliment the theme of your wedding. 

Please note that due to the handmade nature of these eggshell sculptures, no two pieces will be exactly the same, even if they are all carved by me. Each piece will be very unique in its own way and no two guests will have exactly the same carving. Having said that, packages for wedding favours include all sculptures of one design, pattern, colour and engraving, so all your guests get similar favours.

These sculptures come with beautiful stands for your guests to take back home after and proudly display it in their homes, cherishing the special memories of your wedding, for years to come. Perhaps you'd also like a glass dome with each sculpture and personalised engravings. You can also have your names and the date engraved on each eggshell sculpture.

The booking process

 To book me, you would typically start by filling the contact form or emailing me at sheeba@hatchfullyyours.com.

Once you fill in the contact form with your inquiry, I'll schedule a phone/email/zoom consultation within 24 hours, to get to know you, understand your inspirations and. I then work on a proposal for the finished piece with timescales. I'll send you the invoice for the package you choose and typically take a 40% deposit at this stage. 


What can you expect when you book me?

Step 2. As soon as you clear the invoice, I go back to my desk and brainstorm some ideas on designs, patterns, colours, etc., based on our conversation.


Step 3. This can take about 4 days. I draw out patterns on paper and give you variations to choose from, and work on a colour pallet and (choice of embellishments) if relevant to your order.


Step 4. I carry out colour tests and email them to you for approvals. You get to do a couple of revisions on the designs and colours at this point and we proceed to the next step once you're happy with this.

Step 5: I then begin drawing out the pattern on the eggshells and email you for your feedback. Once you approve it, I'll send you an invoice for the next 30% at this stage before I start carving your sculptures. The carving process can take between 8 weeks to 12 months depending on the quantities required, the type of eggshell you choose, the designs and patterns, and the intricacy involved. Once the carving process begins, no changes can be made after this point.

Step 6: As soon as you clear the invoice, I After the carving and cleaning process is completed and the eggshell is left to dry overnight, I'll email you a few pictures of this stage and will then send you an invoice for the remaining 30% of your balance, which once cleared, I proceed to colour and embellish your bespoke eggshell sculpture. 

Step 7: The finished sculpture is then packaged securely along with a beautiful glass dome (If you request one in stage 1).​

Types of Eggshell Sculptures

You can choose between 3 types of eggshells : 

  • Chicken eggshells

 Dimensions: Length: up to 2.5" and Width: 2" approximately

  • Goose eggshells

Dimensions: Length: 3" -  4.5" and Width: 3" approx

  • Ostrich eggshells

Dimentions: About 6" length and about 5" diameter

 Bespoke packages
and Investment

These beautiful eggshell sculptures make for very unique and sentimental wedding favours. I typically offer bespoke packages starting from a minimum of 10 sculptures to a maximum of 100.


(If you require more than 100 please email me at sheeba@hatchfullyyours.com and I would do my best to discuss this with you further and accommodate you.)

Prices depend on a number of things including the type of eggshell and what you'd prefer on the eggshell sculptures from intricate carvings to gold leaf accents and rare embroidery on eggshells. 

Packages start at


£850 for 10 carved Chicken eggshell sculptures

£1850 for 10 carved Goose eggshell sculptures

£5370 for 10 carved Ostrich eggshell sculptures

Embroidered eggshells start at

£1350 for a package of 10 Chicken eggshell sculpture

£3350 for a package of 10 Goose eggshell sculptures

£8370 for a package of 10 Ostrich eggshell sculptures

Please in touch by filling up this form or emailing me at sheeba@hatchfullyyours.com, I book you in for a phone consultation to get to know your requirements further after which point, I email you a bespoke proposal.



Timescales for carving and processing your premium wedding favours vary between 8 weeks to 12 months depending on the type of eggshell and quantities required


Because of the handmade nature of these sculptures, I can only take limited wedding orders in a year. To avoid disappointment, I would suggest you get in touch as soon as you have booked a venue if these eggshell sculptures are of interest. 

My advice would be to get in touch soon after you book your venue so we can discuss your requirements and I can advise you of the timescales accordingly.  


To send in your inquiries please fill in this form or email me at sheeba@hatchfullyyours.com. I'll get back to you within 24 hours and will book you for a free consultation call.