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Artisan Egg Artist - My love for hand carving beautiful, unique and rare gifts for special occasions

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by.

I am Sheeba, and I am an Egg artist based in sunny Essex. I hand carve eggshells into delicate and unusual sculptures that make for very thoughtful, sentimental, and rare gifts for special occasions, all year around. Something that is so unique that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike, even if I were to make them in the same batch. That is the beauty of these exquisite hand made artisan Sculptures.

Gifting is a selfless act and an art in itself. It is never really about the gift but the thought and effort put in behind choosing or making that gift, keeping the recipient in mind all along, that makes the gift special. The novelty of the gift might last a few seconds to a few days or even weeks. Its the memory and sentiments (of the gift giver), surrounding the gift that would last in their hearts for ever.

christmas bauble in a scarlet red and gold colour carved on a chicken eggshell, sealed in a glass dome
Unusual Christmas ornament in a scarlet red and gold colour carved on a chicken eggshell, sealed in a glass dome

I am a dreamer and a storyteller

I wasn’t always an egg artist! I was born and raised in a beautiful city in North India. My parents were successful entrepreneurs.

I was creative as a child and loved to draw, paint, and make things with my hands. I won the International poet of merit award, with my poem published in the book ‘A moment in Eden’ - by the International society of poets in Maryland, US.

I am a dreamer and a storyteller. I grew up watching Disney movies and went to university to study character animation.

A desire to possess something rare, unique, and exquisite

I met my amazing husband along the way and eventually tied the knot in 2012. Amidst our wedding preparations, I particularly remember looking for unusual gifts for family. I was looking for some unique hand carved artisan gifts. I didn’t really find anything that spoke to me at the time and a minuscule of desire took space in my subconscious.

Beautiful leaves carved on an Ostrich eggshell

Fast forward a few years, I worked as an animator in games and went on to retail jobs in between contracts. My first retail experience was working for Harrods in their pantry and soon managed to wriggle my way into their famous chocolate room, next door. (I felt like a child in a Christmas shop every single day of working there). I absolutely loved the whole experience of working in Harrods.

An image within Harrods pantry

A challenge that set me on a path to discovery

It was a silly egg challenge with friends that lead me onto a new, exciting, and unusual journey of egg carving!

I remember it was one Easter, a few years ago, I had a few friends over and we challenged each other to try and empty the egg without causing even so much as a hairline crack on it (and we would check by lighting a torch under the egg). We tried to poke holes using everything from pen nibs to my mum's sewing and knitting needles to toothpicks to old drill bits. We failed miserably and needless to say, we were left with a big bucket full of broken eggshells and a very messy and stinky back garden!

This incident grabbed my attention and I couldn’t let go! The internet didn’t have a lot of answers at the time but researching further opened the doors (and my eyes) to an amazing new world of egg art that I never knew existed! I was hooked! I had found my calling!! I enjoy creating sculptures from eggshells carved into beautiful sentimental keepsakes.

Hand carved gose and chicken eggshells in a basket.

Product photography : Jacquie Lawes

Eggshell Carving is a very slow and patient process

From there on, I took it upon myself to try and try and practice till I got it right! Eggshell carving is a very slow and patient process, one that requires a lot of focus. It has taken me about 7 years of practice, bucket loads of patience, a lot of grit, and countless broken eggshells to get to the level of confidence I am at with my skill at eggshell carving today.

I am now a proud member of The World Egg Artists Association and continue to hone my skills to take on the challenges that my imagination throws my way.

A goose eggshell delicately hand-carved into a beautiful victorian lace pattern of paisleys all over.

A proud contestant on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas 2020 on Channel 4

I am very excited to be going on National Television, carving eggshells on the Channel 4 show: Kirstie’s Hand made Christmas on the episode airing on Wednesday, the 9th December 2020 at 5:00 pm.

I absolutely love and adore Kirstie and her programs. she really made me feel welcome and was fun to work with on the episode.

Please do share with me in the comments below what you think of the show and whether you are looking forward to watching it. I would really love to hear your thoughts!

Hatchfully Yours,


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