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5 Reasons why eggshells make for very unusual and thoughtful gifts for special occasions

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Eggshells make for unusual and thoughtful gifts for special occasions. Here are five reasons why you should consider these beautiful eggshell sculptures as very unique and thoughtful gifts that will truly impress your loved ones.

1. These sculptures are unique and one-of-a-kind. Hand carved eggshell sculptures are made by me, a skilled artisan and are not mass-produced, making each piece truly unique and special. These unusual and thoughtful gifts cannot be bought from the high street and are not something that everyone can buy or have. This makes them very exclusive and unique.

2. Delicate and intricate: Carving an eggshell requires a great deal of skill and patience, resulting in very intricate sculptures that are truly a work of art. The process of creating these unusual and thoughtful gifts, is delicate and very time consuming. Each sculpture is truly unique and special. A lot of hard work, dedication and love goes into making each piece.

I typically create these beautiful, unusual and thoughtful gifts from Ostrich, Goose, Turkey, Chicken and Duck eggshells. The intricate designs, the lace patterns and my attention to detail make them highly valued by my customers and their loved ones who are the lucky recipients of these unusual pieces.

3. Symbol of new beginnings: An egg is associated with new beginnings, making it a fitting, unusual and thoughtful gift for special occasions such as weddings, births, graduations and other milestones. In many cultures, the egg is a powerful symbol of fertility and rebirth. For example, in ancient Egypt, the egg was associated with the God of creation and was believed to contain the potential for new life. In Christianity, the egg is often used as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of eternal life.

In many cultures, the egg is also seen as a symbol of spring and renewal, which is why it is often used in celebrations such as Easter, Passover and other festivals.

This symbolic significance of the egg makes it a fitting gift for special occasions such as weddings, births, and graduations as these events are also symbolise new beginnings, new chapter and new life. These unusual and thoughtful gifts that I help you curate at 'Hatchfully Yours', truly pull at the heartstrings of my customers and their loved ones.

4. Eco friendly and sustainable gifts: An eggshell is a natural material, and each finished piece makes for an environmentally conscious gift choice. Further more, I ship these pieces in custom made sustainable boxes to reduce waste and ensure that these pieces reach their destination safely and securely. The love and care that I put into every step from when I receive the commission to communication with customers and the creating process to the packaging and shipping, makes the whole experience of curating these unusual and thoughtful gifts truly special for my customers.

5. Versatile: Eggshell sculptures can be made in a variety of styles and themes, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions and recipients. They can be made for different seasons, festivals, and events, and can also be customized to suit the taste and preferences of the recipient. The versatility of eggshell sculptures makes them the perfect, unusual and thoughtful gifts for any occasion, and for any person, whether it's a family member, friend, colleague, or client.

To summarise, Eggshell sculptures that I hand craft at my studio in Essex, make for very unusual and thoughtful gifts for special occasions as these sculptures are eco friendly and one of a kind, delicate pieces. These are versatile and can be made for any occasion and I can incorporate the likes and personality of your recipients in the design, colour and pattern. These eggshell sculptures symbolise the start of a new beginning, a new chapter in life and make for fitting gifts for anniversaries, weddings, graduation, birth, christenings etc.

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These eggshell sculptures take time to make, and by getting one of these pieces made, you take the time to think about your recipients, what they would really like as a surprise gift and I help bring your vision of a gorgeous gift to life. Together we create something exquisite, a gift that they no one else in the world can have and will be truly cherished for years to come. The end result is beautiful, unusual and thoughtful gifts that are exclusive and unique.

I accept commissions and work closely with my customers on beautiful, bespoke and unusual eggshell sculptures. To find out more about how you can work with me, please email me on to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I can help create very unusual and thoughtful gifts for you and your loved ones.


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