Special Occasions

Eggshells signify new beginnings. From the birth of a new child and Christenings to Graduations and Weddings, eggshells make for perfect gifts for every milestone achieved and every new chapter you're about to begin in life. 

Whether It is a birthday of a loved one or your parent's anniversary. A special proposal, an engagement gift, a housewarming keepsake, or a special gift for the newlyweds, I have got you covered  


Are you are someone who loves the finer things in life, and loves to shop at independent boutiques for pieces that are rare and unique, not available to everyone? Perhaps you are looking for very exquisite ornamental gifts for loved ones, to impress them and make them feel special and pampered? 

These delicately hand-carved and/or embroidered eggshell sculptures make for very beautiful and bespoke gifts for any occasion. Beautiful home decor pieces, these can be made into gorgeous showstopper centerpieces that would double as conversation starters leaving your party guests in awe!! 

Email me at or fill out the contact form for queries or if you'd like to get in touch. I would love to hear from you. 


How to order and what to expect ?

Step 1: Choose an Eggshell 


Purchase a type of eggshell you'd like to have carved from the options below (Check out Bridal collection for my Bridal packages. Alternatively, you could fill out the contact form or email me / if you'd like to have a chat) :

Step 2: Book a complimentary consultation


Once you select the type of egg you would like and I receive your order, I email you my calendar within 24 hours to book a consultation call to have a chat with you and understand your requirements for the eggshell sculpture further and discuss some ideas with you.


Step 3: The Design process

After our call, I go back to my desk and chalk out some ideas on designs, patterns, colours, etc., based on our conversation. This can take up to a week. 

Step 4: The Carving process

After you approve the colours and pattern, I begin carving the eggshell. This process can take between 7 to 21 days depending on the type of eggshell and the intricacy of the design required. 

Step 5: Packaging and Shipping

I offer complimentary gift wrapping for all gifting orders. The finished sculpture is then packaged securely along with a beautiful glass dome (If you request one in stage 1) and shipped via Royal Mail Special delivery in the UK and couriered to the rest of the world.


For a rough guide to the investment involved please head over to the Investment page. Please note that I will send you a bespoke proposal and quotation based on your requirements soon after the consultation stage. 


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