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I accept exclusive commissions by appointment. This is an unrivaled and luxurious service and is a perfect way for you to have a very unique and bespoke sculpture made, that inspires you and the recipient of your unusual and sentimental keepsake. I work collaboratively with you to create a bespoke customer journey from conceptualization to the completed sculpture.  

Perhaps there is a particular feature or memory of your childhood that you would like to incorporate in your eggshell sculpture or there is a special bird you love or a special keepsake gifted to you by a loved one that you would like engraved on you bespoke eggshell.


Whatever your heart desires, I will do my best to deliver, as long as it allows the eggshell to hold its structure and can be shipped to you safely. I would be able to advise you on the same and brainstorm the best possible ways of incorporating your desires of the design and pattern on the shells.


The Booking Process


The 'By Appointment' service involves the following process:


Stage 1:  Once you fill in the contact us form below with your inquiry, I'll schedule a phone/email/zoom consultation, to discuss your inspiration, requirements,  the type of eggshells, patterns and design, coloUr pallets, and choice of embellishments a bit further.  After we end the call, I'll go back to my desk and work out a proposal for the finished piece and timescales. I'll send you a quotation and take a 50% deposit at this stage.


Stage 2: Once you've cleared the invoice, I go back to my desk and brainstorm some ideas on designs, patterns, colours, etc., based on our conversation. This can take about 4 days. I draw out patterns on paper and give you variations to choose from, and work on a colour pallet and (choice of embellishments)if relevant to your order. You get a couple of revisions on the designs and colours. 

Stage 3: Once you've approved the pattern, I then begin drawing out a simple pattern on the eggshell and email you for your feedback. Once you are happy with everything, I'll take the outstanding payment (the remaining 50% balance) and proceed to carve your bespoke eggshell. 

Stage 4: After the carving and cleaning process is completed and the eggshell is left to dry overnight, I'll email you a few pictures of this stage and proceed to colour and embellish your bespoke eggshell sculpture. 

Stage 5: The finished sculpture is then packaged securely along with a beautiful glass dome (If you request one in stage 1).

All sculptures are shipped in secure, eco-friendly packaging, through the Royal Mail special delivery service so they arrive safely to you. 




The 'By Appointment' service starts at £500. 


Prices depend on the type of eggshell you choose, the intricacy of the pattern and the design of the eggshell, choice of embellishments, personalised engravings, choice of accessories (like a glass dome) etc.

If you'd like a fully bespoke service to create something very unique, please get in touch. I'll be happy to book you in for a complimentary discovery call to discuss your needs and how we work together.  I would love to hear from you !! 


If you'd like to know more about this service or would like to have a chat, please email me on or click the button below to fill in the contact form.


Alternatively, if you are considering more than one sculptures please do head over to my Bespoke packaging page for my information and get in touch.

I also offer semi-customisable eggshell sculptures in my shop, if that is something of interest to you. I'd love to hear from you either way. 

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carving eggshells into beautiful bespoke sculptures

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