Artisan Eggshell Sculptures

Thoughtfulness in the Art of gift-giving. 


Nothing was too much trouble for Sheeba.


I wasn't sure about the design I wanted and she helped me decide by sending me a video of the egg at different stages so I could decide what I thought looked best.

Sheeba really took the time to understand what I wanted and to make sure I was happy. Also when she knew this was for my mum's birthday, she gift wrapped it in beautiful paper.


Thank you so much Sheeba, mum absolutely loved her gift and so did I.​



Jo Everitt

Beautiful and unique artisan gifts and keepsakes intricately hand-carved into gorgeous victorian lace patterns on real eggshells 

Perhaps you are stuck for ideas or would like to gift a loved one something very bespoke and very unique, that no one else in the world can have. Unique home decor pieces, these eggshell sculptures are hand-carved by me and are fully bespoke to you or your recipient's tastes. 

Wedding couples can have anything; from incorporating elements and the theme of your Wedding on the eggshells, to very special Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom gifts, and unique gifts for your Bridesmaids. 


Whether you are looking for one-off gifts for special occasions; are a wedding couple looking for bridal gifts for close family and friends or perhaps are simply looking for very unique handmade wedding favours, these eggshell sculptures are rare pieces that make for stunning conversational pieces. You can have anything your heart desires, engraved on these unusual eggshells. Perhaps you'd like to have a circus theme or you love nature and flowers and would like that depicted on your beautiful keepsake. 

These hand-carved eggshell sculptures make for stunning home decor pieces, unique gifts for special occasions from Mother's Day to Anniversaries and Birthdays and very memorable and luxurious wedding favours.

If you'd like to know more or would like to have a quick chat with me please email me at or fill in the form below. Either way, I would love to hear from you. 


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