Unusual, bespoke, Quirky, Sentimental, and thoughtful gifts and keepsakes, hand-carved out of real eggshells in the form of delicate sculptures for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas, and more !! These beautiful sculptures also make for very unique cake toppers, table decor, and Luxurious and indulgent wedding favours and table centerpieces for intimate weddings. 

(Ornamental goose eggshells))
(Exquisite ostrich eggshell lamps)
(Chicken and duck eggshells)

My Collection


The Chic collection showcases an array of beautifully and intricately handcrafted designer chicken and duck eggshells for special occasions. Sealed in cute glass domes, some pieces in this collection take pride in their natural white elegance while some are painted in beautiful eco-friendly colours. 

The Ornate collection is made up of beautiful goose eggshells, handcrafted in their natural colours. These bespoke sculptures come with beautiful three-legged stands ready to display on your dining table or inside your glass cabinets. You also have an option to add a beautiful glass dome, should you prefer one, to each piece while placing your order in the shop. 

The Oppulance collection is one of my most luxurious collections that showcase beautiful and exquisite ostrich eggshells intricately carved and designed into limited edition (LED) lamps.


Fully customised sculptures


I also offer fully customisable options for special occasions, weddings, and events. When working on these sculptures.


The 'By Appointment' service is the epitome of luxury. I offer you an ultimate bespoke experience by working collaboratively with you at every stage from choosing the type of eggshell, the pattern, the design, and personalised engravings. 

Please check out my Bespoke Packages page for inspiration on packages for special occasions and events if you are looking for more than 1 piece. Please feel free to get in touch by filling out the form below or emailing me on sheeba@hatchfullyyours.com


If these sculptures have left you 'Shell Shocked', I'd love to hear from you. 


Get in Touch

Please fill in the form below or email me at Sheeba@hatchfullyyours.com for queries.


"Such beautifully handcrafted pieces. Lots of lovely designs and excellent quality. I ordered a delicate soft pink goose egg customised by one lovely, very attentive lady and it arrived promptly and safely. Nothing was too much hassle. The owner pays exceptional attention to detail and I was extremely pleased with the end result. These pieces would make a fantastic wedding gift !"

Stevie Gemma Barbosa

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